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Danyang Winite Auto Parts Co., LTD. : The Evolution of Automobile Headlights (9)

2020-10-30 Author:[Admin]

After 1940 pictures of a closed front light were developed by the United States, where he made a sealed assembly of light sources, reflectors and light mirrors. The filament is designed to be short, straight and cylindrical and placed at the focus of the reflector. The position of the near-light filament is designed to be slightly higher than the horizontal plane of the optical axis, so that the light beam reflected by the mirror is tilted below the optical axis and shifted to the right (passing to the right), making the field of near-light become asymmetric. The above system was modified in 1955 by increasing the axis of the high-light beam by 0.5 degree and adopting a light distribution screen to protect the eyes of the oncoming vehicle drivers from direct near-light filament exposure.

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